Where to Begin

As adults, we often forget how difficult getting started will be. We’ve gotten so used to speedy service that we’ve come to expect it in every aspect of life. We’ve forgotten how unsteady and scared we were learning to walk. As long as you keep moving toward your goal, whatever it may be, the steps you take to get there will certainly vary.

Some days you’ll leap like Jordan from half-court with the smile of elation as you slam dunk that interview. And times you’ll curse the demons that torment you with thoughts of failure and exclusion. Those days are when you must fight back and dig deeper to stoke that fire that fuels your life’s passion.

Stay true to your journey whatever may fall upon your path. Seek out the glimmer of light that shines a beacon of widom if you ever expect to grow. Drink in the vast waters of knowledge but be cautious of the well from which you partake. All water maybe wet but not all bring forth life.

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