Are you dreaming or living your goals?

Dreams happen when you;re peacefully sleeping in your bed. Goals are what you do when you’re concious of your life. We’re given the opportunity to pursue happiness. Nowhere does it say happiness falls into your lap. If you want something you have to make things happen, take an active role, and commit to your goal.

In order to succeed, you must take at least one step each day toward your goal. If you ever expect to reach it then you have to keep moving. Even if you only send one email, or make one phone call, even create a new list, you are keeping your goal on the front burner where you can keep a closer eye on the progress.

There will be discouraging days where you’ll think about giving up. It’s normal and in time will happen less frequently. Stay strong, stay positive, and most importantly, stay busy crossing off those tasks. Setting goals both big and small help guide your development as a person.

Meeting those goals and improving who you are will build character, trust, and stability in your life. Having small successes through the process of goal setting and dedication leads to self-confidence and a desire to do more. What goals do you have for 2022?

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