Staying Motivated

When I first decide on a goal, I’m filled with great ideas and good intentions. As I trudge through the steps to reach my goal, my enthusiasm begins to falter. I have many unfinished projects awaiting completion for one reason or another. But then there are the projects that I see through to the end.

Finding ways to stay motivated can be tough sometimes. And then there are the days or even a week where you need to step back and make sure you’re still on the right trail. I’ve discovered that when you’ve found the path you are intended to take, the world throws all it’s got at you to knock you off your stride.

Those are the days you have to be your strongest and fight back those inner thoughts of giving up. The path to true happiness is paved with patches of “the floor is lava” so keep hot footing your way through life and dodge the arrows of misfortune. Your happiness is your own battle so plan accordingly.

Those are the projects that

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