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Sorting through the pieces

Imagine for a moment a cardboard box. The size of box typically holding a jigsaw puzzle. Only this box doesn’t have the picture on the front or even list the number of pieces inside.

This box is filled with all sorts of colorful puzzle pieces waiting to be put together. Some are dark and forboding like a storm cloud on a summer night. Others are prismatic and joyous as a fireworks display.

Each jagged piece represents an aspect of your life. Childhood, neighborhood, bad, and good, they are cut from your perspective. How you fit them together depends on the picture you see.

Our puzzle pieces often look one and the same. Shared experiences look closer alike than non but no two are ever identical. Siblings are proof that it’s more than just family and fortune that lead to prosperity.

How the story plays out in your version of life is all up to you and the light you see in it. Are you trapped in the dark corner filled with lightning and thunder? Or have you discoverd the fabled pot of gold after the storm has passed?

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