Creative Freelancer

All of my passions in life can be summed up in a single word


Whether I’m sitting at my desk typing up a bestseller or baking cookies with my daughter in the kitchen creativity is key.

It’s the fiery spark deep in my spirit that has guided me to this point in my life. A creative spirit opens your eyes to see the impossible hiding in the shadows. It leads you to find the answers no one else thought were there.

A creative spirit gave me the courage to always look deeper to find something new and exciting and then share it with the world. I seek out the various perspectives with thorough research so that when I share that knowledge, I enthrall a grand audience of eager listeners.

More importantly, my creative spirit has bestowed me the gift of empowering others to take charge of their journey. Many know what they are passionate about but lack the skills to express it clearly. Let me be the words and wisdom you need to share your story with the world.